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The assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy
appeared to be a cut-and-dried case, with Sirhan Sirhan, who undeniably fired a revolver towards Senator, Kennedy, being convinced of murder and remaining in prison ever since. 

Over the decades, however, overwhelming evidence that RFK's murder was actually committed by a different guman has emerged.

The facts of the case need to be exposed, especially since Sirhan Sirhan is currently being considered for parole by the California Parole Board and Governor Gavin Newsom.

Just after midnight on June 5th, 1968 at the Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles. after Senator Kennedy had won the California Democrates orimary and thanked his assembled supporters, assistants maitre d' Karl Uecker led him through a dimly lit kitchen pantry en route to a press conference. Thane Eugene Cesar, a security guard hired for the night, ollowed Kennedy closely behind, holding the senator’s right elbow and appearing to guide him. As Kennedy stopped at the edge of a steam table to shake hands with kitchen workers, a 24-year old Palestinian Christian, Sirhan Sirhan (who had moved to the LA area as a child,) began firing at 

Kennedy from several feet in front of him. After two shots, Uecker grabbed Sirhan’s arm and, with the help of others, pushed him down onto the steam table, pinning his gun hand. Though his hand was pinned down and pointed away from Kennedy, Sirhan continued firing wildly injuring five bystanders. According to the eyewitness testimony, Sirhan’s gun always remained one and a half to five feet in front of the senator while the coroner’s report determined Kennedy was hit three times from behind, with the fatal shot to the back of his head at point blank range of 1 to 3 inches. He died 26 hours later.


Sirhan was arrested with a newspaper clipping in his pocket criticizing Kennedy’s campaign pledge to sell jet bombers to Israel to replenish jets lost in the Arab-Israeli War the year before. A notebook found in his bedroom contained repetitions of the phrase “RFK must die…RFK must be assassinated by June 5th ’68,” the first anniversary of the Arab-Israeli War.

At trial, the strange “automatic writing” in Sirhan’s notebooks was cited as evidence of the cold, callous, premeditated nature of the crime but Sirhan claims he has no memory of writing in the notebooks nor of the shooting itself. And it has never been explained how it was possible for Sirhan to have written the most incriminating page on May 18th, two days before Kennedy made his first campaign speech promising bombers to Israel.

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